A graduate of the Northern School of Film and Television in Leeds and the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam, Harry entered the industry and quickly made a name for himself as a creative, resourceful Production Designer.


He has turned his hand to features, BAFTA and EMMY award nominated docudramas, commercials, music videos and short films. He has worked on sci-fi projects, fantasy, drama and comedy, on major set builds and on location in countries including the UK, France, Italy, Hungary, Yemen and the Palestinian West Bank. He has worked with directors as diverse as Comic Strip maestro Peter Richardson ("Red Top"), Michael Winterbottom ("The Trip"), Simon West ("Gun Shy") and Derek Cianfrance. 


On each project he has brought the same attention to detail and willingness to collaborate, of bringing to bear his own unique take but listening to the voices of others. For him the story comes first and how to bring it out in the most dynamic way is always his first concern.