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As a production designer Harry has worked in the industry for more than 25 years on feature films, BAFTA and EMMY award nominated docudramas, commercials, music videos and short films. He has worked on horror, fantasy, drama and comedy, on major set builds and on location in countries including the UK, France, Italy, Hungary, Egypt and Yemen. He has worked with directors as diverse as Comic Strip creator Peter Richardson ("Red Top"), Michael Winterbottom ("The Trip") and Simon West ("Gun Shy").


Most recently he has worked with British horror maestro Peter Strickland on his latest outing “Flux Gourmet” and on “The Chelsea Cowboy”, a 1960s/70s period biopic on notorious gangster turned actor John Bindon.

Having grown up across the globe (Iran, New Zealand and Australia and latterly France and Holland) he has developed an eye for visual difference, as well as for points of convergence. Every town and city not only looks unique but feels different and it is this sense of feeling which he seeks to underpin his designs. He is also strongly drawn towards different periods and has managed to explore many epochs in film, from the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, Greek, Roman, Medieval, through Renaissance to Victorian and right through the twentieth century. This interest is always steeped in a deep interest in the way culture and society shapes design and this understanding comes through the written word as well as through visual interpretation.

Taking inspiration from the world of books, art, music, film, architecture and the natural world Harry sees design in film as another strand of story telling which compliments the main narrative which itself is made up of the multiple disciplines of performance, sound, music, costume, make up, lighting, cinematography, editing and FX. The best results always come out of true collaboration and an understanding of the different crafts. He always starts from a point of character in design - who is it that lives in this space and what is their back story? In that sense he tries to create places which help the actors to find something authentic in their environment and which will hopefully help with their performance.

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